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Double Club Miami

On the occasion of Miami Beach Art Basel held in December 2017, Fondazione Prada presented The Prada Double Club Miami created by artist Carsten Höller: an art installation, a temporary nightclub, a celebration and an ongoing exploration of the dialogue between Western and Caribbean cultures in the incredible city of Miami.

The Prada Double Club Miami was the second iteration of Carsten Höller’s Double Club concept: the best of two worlds brought together in two adjacent locations with no concession to fusion.

The fully functioning nightclub - open from December 5 to 7 - juxtaposed simulated atmospheres from two cultural climates to simultaneously offer visually and acoustically opposed experiences.

Set in a 1920’s film studio complex, the installation was divided into an indoor club space and an outdoor tropical garden, one entirely monochromatic and the other ultra-polychromatic. International live music acts and DJs were showcased in one space, while the other hosted a range of Caribbean and South American diasporas in Miami. Each performer embodied the oppositional concept behind the project itself.

“A kind of schizophrenic wonderland (if only ‘schizophrenia’ could be positively used to describe the double sidedness which is at the heart of beauty).” — Baldo Hauser


Photographer: Lewis Mirret

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