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One of the most prominent features of the Prada New York Epicenter is the unobstructed sixty-meter north wall, a full city block in length. From the earliest designs, OMA planned the wall as a site for temporary wallpapers. Prada and New York design studio 2x4 develop treatments designed to inject new content into the store at regular intervals. The theme and colors of the wallpaper change with the seasons, providing both variety and an element of temporality.

Florification 2019

Alternating Currents 2019

Resort 2019

Malia 2018

Logo City Night 2018

Logo City 2018

Comics 2018

Skin and Bones 2017

Fragmentarianism 2017

Mute 2017

dialogic 2017

Ripple Effect 2016

Hyperspeed 2015

Galactic Empire 2015

Vanishing Point 2015


Myopia 2015

Brutalista Blooming 2014

Brutalista 2014

in the heart of the moltitude 2014

iridescence 2013

Gatsby's Party 2013

sleeping giant 2013

Powerhouses 2012

Soft Opening 2012

Chromo 2012

Stain 2011

Caryatides 2011

Almost Blue 2010

enfilade 2009

New Masters 2009

no relief 2009

Annex 2008

Florid 2007

Skull 2007

Masked/Hooded Women 2007

Notorious Women 2006

Guilt inc. 2005

Futurama 2004

China 2003

Cancellation 2002

Vomit 2001

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