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Fragrances Archive

Prada Amber
Photo by Mario Sorrenti - Model: Daria Werbowy
Campaign film still by Jordan and Ridley Scott

A film by Jordan and Ridley Scott


'Thunder Perfect Mind' is a short film by Jordan and Ridley Scott which first premiered in a special screening at the 2005 Berlin Film Festival. It depicted a female protagonist moving through various urban scenes, while reciting the homonymous ancient Gnostic poem from 100 AD. Likewise the movie is portraying the many intricacies of being a woman; Prada's scent is the ultimate expression of a woman's self.


Here, the elements and inspirations of 'Thunder Perfect Mind' are abstracted for a series of illustrations, which follow the protagonist once again through a juxtaposition of contemporary and classic references.

...For I am the first and
the last.
I am the wife and the virgin.
I am the mother and the
daughter. I am she whose
wedding is great, and I have
not taken a husband.

I am the
bride and the bridegroom
I am senseless and
I am wise.

Come forward to
and do not despise
it because it is
small and it is

And do not turn away
greatness in some parts
from the smallnesses,
for the smallnesses
are known from the

I am the one who
is honored, and who
is praised,
I am knowledge and

I am shame and
I am shameless; I
am ashamed.

I am control and

I am strength and
I am fear.

I am war and

I am the
substance and the
one who has no

But I, I am compassionate and
I am cruel.
Do not hate my obedience
and do not love my self-control
I am the union and the

But I am she who
exists in all fears
and strength in

I am she who is weak,
and I am well in a
pleasant place...


And I am an alien and a citizen.
I am the silence that is incomprehensible
and the idea whose remembrance is frequent.
I am the voice whose sound is manifold...
...for I am the first and the last.

Prada Candy
Photo by Jean Paul Goude - Actress: Léa Seydoux

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum
A film by Jean-Paul Goude


Prada Candy’s advertising campaign for television stars Léa Seydoux, rising darling of French cinema, as an impulsive piano student who seduces her tutor with a provocative dance. The preeminent fashion image-maker Jean-Paul Goude directs the Prada Candy movie. Seydoux’s hypnotic dance is inspired by the Apache dance, performed by street gangs of 1900s Paris. The dance is intense and fierce, expressing a primitive battle of passion between a man and a woman; a battle the woman often won.

Photo by Jean Paul Goude - Actress: Léa Seydoux

Film by Wes Anderson. Photo by Jean Paul Goude. Actress Léa Seydoux

Prada Candy L’Eau
A film by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola


The spirit of Nouvelle Vague cinema remains alive and well, and more vibrant than ever in Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola’s film for Prada Candy L’Eau. Set in a Parisian utopia, we find Candy questioning love on the Left Bank. Who will she choose when two men fall hopelessly in love with her? And those two men happen to be best friends. Julius or Gene? Gene or Julius? It’s the most delicious of dilemmas.Capturing all the joie de vivre of Prada Candy L’Eau, French actress Léa Seydoux is Candy at her most unexpected. Join her as she takes you on a playful voyage of seduction, rivalry and birthday cake. Cinema is a feast for the senses.

Prada Luna Rossa
Campaign film still by Adam Berg

Prada Luna Rossa
A film by Adam Berg


For the Prada Luna Rossa television campaign, award-winning director Adam Berg used revolutionary camera technology to capture the thrills of extreme sailing as never before. Moving around the catamaran, we are taken on a gravity-defying 360-degree journey, witnessing the elegance of the crew’s razor-sharp responses from every possible angle. Intense slow motion creates a beautifully heightened sense of speed and dramatic reality as we see the action take shape in infinite detail.

Prada Luna Rossa Sport

Photo&film by Craig McDean. Model Tim Schuhmacher

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