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Chemical Poems

Prada’ s most intellectual and exquisite compositions trigger precise memories Intellectual and utterly sensual, Olfactories embody the paradoxical Prada mystique. A collection of contradictions, each scent is entirely idiosyncratic.
 Floral essence acts as a sensory bullet, an unexpected tone triggers a hidden reference, and the synthetic recasts the natural in scents that initiate experiences rather than conform to them. Oblique and unprecedented, Olfactories are moments outside of convention, rare ed experience born of contrasts. They subvert the codes of perfumery and articulate the senses, delighting in the marriage of opposites.


Prada’s iconic Iris reimagined. The fragile perennial fortified into an opulent bloom that evokes its namesake goddess of the rainbow: a link between land and sky, heaven and humanity. Purple Rain is the complex yet understated scent of iris, potent in its powdery charms. 



A cloud of pink bubbles floating through the heart of Tokyo. The joyful embrace of nature and the synthetic animates the familiar to produce a heightened form of beauty. Pink Flamingos is the scent of fluorescent pink blossoms, stylized and innocent. 




Beyond charted territory, a discreet wilderness flourishes on manicured grounds. Creatures roam in a warm haze of spice and leather. Evolution takes wing. Double Dare is the scent of a rarefied preserve, a balance of the exotic and the exquisite. 



A pure white cloud dissolves into layers, revealing the complexity of weightlessness. A glimpse ignites a surge of emotion, giving way to tender immersion. Un Chant d’Amour is the scent of human touch, at once calming and carnal.




An ocean voyage under the cover of night. Celestial navigation and shadowy cargo. A daring yet addictive journey. Handle with care. Cargo de Nuit is the scent of a twilight passage on the high seas. 



A golden nectar bursts forth from a newly cultivated flower. Claimed by a besotted monarch, it is spirited away and coaxed to bloom again in a desert hideaway. Nue au Soleil is the scent of an Orange Blossom dipped in gold.



Playful and charming, with a regressive edge of nostalgia. A glossy and seductive bullet fired from the laboratory to the vanity. Tainted Love is the personal yet universal scent of lipstick: a celebration of synthetic allure. 



An island arrival, as evening wanes. Stepping into humid darkness, the air dense with a silent chorus of night-blooming flowers.Heat Wave is the scent of complicity in paradise, steamy and decadent. 



A hotel suspended between Western ease and Eastern ouds. Souvenirs of an elegantly crumbling empire: leather-bound volumes to be devoured with spiced tortes, black coffee, and a view of the Danube. Marienbad is the scent of a charming, baroque escape, otherworldly in its richness.



A modern encounter with the ancient, preserved for eternity in hardened honey. The patient work of a quill pen brings light to a dark chamber. Day for Night is the ultimate amber scent: the fossilized made newly mysterious as the natural becomes precious. 


Les Mirages Collection


Les Mirages represent four new unisex additions to the iconic Prada Olfactories collection – a series of potent fusions for the indomitable Prada spirit. 
Les Mirages is informed by the nature of community, constructed differences, oriental/occidentalism, and futuristic travel. Miuccia Prada and perfumer Daniela Andrier re-imagine the art of scent as global atlas: each formula a pin in an imaginary map. They reinterpret the codes of Orient fragrances in four glimmering Olfactories.


It’s hot here, hot and dry. Memories mix and collide, spurred by scents carried in over vast arid distances from aromatic cities: sweet Texan cedarwood, woody Andalusian cistus, and Indonesian patchouli swirling around a bright, warm Amber accord. Midnight Train summons the dusty heat – the intangible rush of wind across sand.



A rose in a thorny wreath. There is a sensation here of a passage through multiple, labyrinthine rooms, each is infused with a different scent. There is a deep architectural sensation – a physical volume of leather, agarwood, and tobacco – layers that build for decades, centuries. But nearby, perhaps an adjacent room, perhaps carried along in the turbulent air of a passing figure, the delicate yet potent notes of Rose Absolute and Patchouli drift into focus. Miracle of the Rose surrounds the elegant flower with an almost unfathomable depth.



An overload of sensation. The discovery of multiple cultures through convergence. Slow motion in the tangible atmosphere and light suffused through shimmering heat. Soleil au Zenith combines innocently sweet ylang ylang and peach traversed with sophisticated essences of sandalwood built on a deep, dark base of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, pimento, and cumin.



An imperceptible glow in the darkness. Like the fulsome, suffused moments just before a massive storm cracks the sky, Dark Light creeps into consciousness. The components are older than memory, the elements of culture and adoration: Musk, real Madagascar vanilla, Myrrh, Angelique, and the deeply complex aura of opoponax gum. Transposing the warmth of amber with the cool cleanliness of aldehydes, Dark Light both defines and defies the orientalist fantasy – replete with ancient resins and priceless elixirs – and deconstructs the myth of the exotic.