Prada is celebrating the Lunar New Year with ‘Action in the Year of the Tiger’, a combined campaign and project dedicated to safeguarding this legendary animal.

About the contest

Meet the judges

‘Action in the Year of the Tiger’ is an invitation to all talented under-30s at art schools from all over the world to produce their own personal interpretation of the tiger. The artists have free rein to express themselves however they like using the languages of painting, design and sculpture.

This celebration of creativity aims to attract public attention to the cause, as part of a genuine effort to participate in and build relationships with a particular culture and its history and movements.

The students’ works will be judged by a special jury comprising the artists Liu Ye, Lu Yang and Goshka Macuga, and some will be chosen for use in a special project taking place throughout 2022.

The Prada Group is also contributing to the conservation of endangered Amur tiger by making a donation to “Walking with Tiger and Leopard” Programme of China Green Foundation.