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Prada Summer Stories

Prada Summer Stories

Prada Summer Stories is an original project that illustrates the Prada 2020 Spring/Summer collection with  handmade visuals. A series of color photographs are altered by delicate drawings depicting the clothes and the accessories, painted over the image by Falk Gernegross. Through a sense of magical realism, and a play between truth and illusion, Summer Stories continues a conversation on the intertwined relationship between photography and paint, reality and fantasy, established by Prada Donna Pre-Fall 2020 campaign. 

The dedicated collection includes lightweight, almost impalpable, garments - characterized by soft colours, original prints and tie dye technique; different styles of bags made with natural fibers, weaved leather sandals and canvas sneakers as well as a selection of sophisticated accessories.


Creative Direction by Ferdinando Verderi

Paintings by Falk Gernegross