Hyper Leaves
Hyper Leaves

Hyper Leaves

Prada presents Hyper Leaves, a series of pop-ups and in-store installations inspired by wild nature.

Combining reality and imagination, the set-up is a surreal journey with backlit wallpapers that shows different nature landscapes – woods and macro leaves such as Alocasia, Monstera, Fig or Fern – enriched by big neon Prada triangle logos in green or yellow. Hyper leaves are used as the protagonist for the product displays and floors in contrasting colors that complete the ambience.

A form of forest pavilion comes to life by the constructed green painted metal mesh, neon lights and gargantuan leaves utilized as tables. The nature-inspired backlit wall displaying hanging clothes elevated on platforms along with the green flooring complete the hyper surrealistic setting.






Prada Los Angeles Beverly Hills
(from  february 21)

Prada New York Broadway
(from february 26)

Prada Miami Design District
(from february 29)


Prada Tokyo Aoyama
(from february 21)

Prada Tokyo Isetan Dshoes
(from march 25)


Prada Busan Shinsegae Centum
(from march 6 to 22)

Prada Seoul Lotte Main
(from december 23, 2019 to february 9, 2020)

Prada Seoul Cheongdam
(from march 2020)


Prada Parigi Printemps Atrium
(from april 2 to may 3)


Prada Singapore ION
(from march 14 to april 30)


Prada Sydney Westfield
(from march 26 to april 30)

United Arab Emirates

Prada Dubai Dubai Mall
(from march 30 to april 13)


Prada Bangkok Siam Paragon
(from ganuary 18 to february 3)

Prada Bangkok Emporium
(from march 19 to april 6)


Prada Taipei 101
(from april 16 to may 6)