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special projects

The Iconoclasts 2015 Beijing

In88 / Milena Canonero

“It is very exciting to have this opportunity to display my project in China. I have a great love for that country, its history and traditions. I am interested in seeing how people will react to our Iconoclasts.”


China World Mall / Michael Wilkinson + Tim Martin

“The Iconoclasts journey for us meant playing with surprises, contrasts and rich, luxurious fabrics. Being in a place as culturally rich as Beijing, only adds to the experience. Working in costume design, film design, in all design, is about collaborating with others and shaping initial ideas into great ones. But everyone has a unique direction. It’s been fascinating to see the varied worlds that each of us has fashioned from Prada’s Spring Summer 2015 collection: expressive, heightened, and mysterious worlds...all from the same source of inspiration.”


SKP / Arianne Phillips

“It is with great anticipation and excitement to be reunited with Prada in Beijing, launching The Iconoclasts alongside esteemed costume designers and fellow colleagues Milena Canonero and Michael Wilkinson+Tim Martin.”


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