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SS 2015 Womenswear
SS 2015 Womenswear
Fashion Shows

SS 2015 Womenswear

Video Show



For the Prada S/S2015 woman show, AMO designs indoor dunes. 

In between a cave, a desert, and an indoor playground, the set up questions the relationship between outdoor and indoor: purple colored sand invade the space, redefining the existing architecture elements, modifying proportions, turning the show into an unexpected landscape.

Based on a concentric organization, the room develops around the central and irregular sand surface: a series of brown carpet covered steps runs along the perimeter, while a thin line of technical lights marks the perfectly white walls as a horizon. Models weave along the dunes edges confronting the regularly lined up audience. The combination between the irregular sand volumes and the geometry of the tribunes modifies constantly the relationship between the spectators and the fashion.     

Before taking place orderly around the dunes, the audience reaches the show space after climbing over steps and having a privileged overview of the sand landscape. 



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