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FW 2009 Womenswear
FW 2009 Womenswear
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FW 2009 Womenswear

Video Show


An arena is built.

The crowd is split between timber islands on the floor and the raised levels of an unexpected structure: an industrial scaffold, floating on top of the archipelagos’ remnants.

As the scaffold cuts through the islands, a strong contraction of space is achieved generating a perfect square plan.

Dichotomy is the rule: the gentle curves of timber islands below, whilst above the harsh industrial geometries of black metal scaffolding.

Intimacy is the consequence: models walk along a perfect geometry on soft black carpet, closely surrounded by audience scattered through the height of the room.

Between a prison camp and a contemporary theater, the installation forces an intense relationship between the dense mass of the crowd and the guarded model: woman is at the center of the scene.



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