The Spring Summer 2021 campaign exists as a dialogue, open to multiple perspectives.

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Is future a romantic idea for you?
What role does function have?
Is new still relevant?
Do you think in languages or in images?
Is creativity a gift or a skill?
Are you confident enough to accept your contradictions?
Do you speak more freely online?
Can something be truly new?
Should we slow down or speed up?
How is unique different from new?
Does "cloud" make you think of data or sky?
Do you look at the window, or check the weather app first?
What experiences alter your perception of time?
Do you find repetition liberating?
Can your emotions be engineered?
Is nature out there, or in here?
Is culture speeding up or slowing down?
Do you ever feel like a machine?
Is consensus boring?
Is there a boundary to identity?
What utopia do you strive for?
When was the last time someone changed your mind?

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