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Prada and Italian publisher Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore present the second edition of Prada Journal, the literary prize reserved for emerging literary voices.

Prada Journal is intended for writers around the globe with a talent for exploring the visual universe we inhabit in the written word.

Established as a universal bond between fashion and literature, the Prada-Feltrinelli Prize focused on our world and everyday life in its first edition. Now it attempts to understand the transformation that we are undergoing today and how we will change tomorrow:

"What are the signs of a changing world? And what situations can we envision? Taking a good look at the details might give us the answer."

Once again, the eyewear was the preferred starting point for this exploration of our universe in its many forms, producing ideas that pave the way to potential change.

The line of inquiry launched in 2013 continues with the same progressive, inquisitive spirit that both Prada, Feltrinelli and Luxottica are renowned for. The study extends its reach to encompass everything imaginable, everything thinkable, and every idea which, once both form and content have been delineated, can be written down.

The contest will end on 24 June.

The winners will be selected by a panel of international publishing experts whose names will be revealed in the coming weeks.