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July 14th, 2010, New York: Prada launches the Swing Sunglasses Collection at Joe's Club, one of the most famous jazz club in the Big Apple. "Swing", in jazz jargon, means the passage from one chord to another; if you could design this act, it would have the sinuous and winding shapes of the new sunglasses collection. Prada has always been renowned for its multiple collaborations with architects, designers, photographers, film directors. Once again, Prada decided to cross the borders of fashion, to boost young talents' inventiveness and to fuel their fantasy: Swing Collection has been launched together with a Manga Contest, in collaboration with comic book illustrators from all over the world, both independent and students from some of the most well-known book-design schools.

Participants have been asked to design a fantasy heroine, with one rule only: she has to wear Prada Swing sunglasses in the comic strip. The objective is to animate Prada Swing sunglasses, to create a visionary world in which imagination, originality, fashion interact and blend together without limits.

All the participants exploited their creativity and their visionary minds to give life to the "Swing heroine". Now, Prada Manga Contest has three winners. Their heroines will become part of a Prada publication.