Swing Manga Contest


On the occasion of the presentation of the Swing Sunglasses Collection Prada launches  a “Manga Contest”,  Participants includes the best-known comic book-design schools along with independent illustrators, to whom is asked to design a fantasy heroine  with the only constraint that the woman must wear Prada Swing sunglasses in the comic strip. The aim is to animate Prada Swing sunglass, whilst above all, exploring the possibilities of how different creative worlds can intermingle without any set rules.Over five hundreds illustrations from all over the world define the success of the  contest, whose winners are Dede Putra from Auckland – New Zealand, Damon Johnstun from Portland, Oregon – USA and Nicola Gobbetto from Milan, Italy.


 ______ Damon Johnstun

Damon Johnstun

 ______ Dede Putra

Dede Putra

 ______ Nicola Gobbetto

Nicola Gobbetto
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