In 2013 Prada, in collaboration with Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore and Luxottica launched Prada Journal, an international literary contest created to discover new and emerging writers.

The four winning stories of the Prada Journal III Edition based on the theme “Illuminations, shadows and mirages. Things are not always what they seem”

This edition’s intent has been to create a visual experience. A theatrical company has brought to life each story in an innovative and artistic form, giving each performance two different perspectives.

The optical frames of the Prada Journal collection, developed in collaboration with Luxottica, allow one to explore once again the world through a different lens and uncover new stories.

So switch interpretation, tap on your space bar, shake your mobile… Change your point of view and discover the three-dimensional Prada Project.
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with shadows
No balm
in Gilead
The Hour
of the Wolf
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Prada Journal 2014
What are the signs of a changing world? And what situations can we envision? Taking a good look at the details might give us the answer.
Prada Journal 2013
In a world of images, Prada emphasizes the strength of words: words sharply focused through the lenses of the Prada Journal optical collection.
Carlo Feltrinelli

Carlo Feltrinelli, born in 1962 is President of Feltrinelli Group, leading integrated cultural player operating in the industries of book publishing, retail, television, sociological research. The Feltrinelli Editore Publishing House was founded in 1955 by his father, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli. In the retail industry, the Group counts 116 bookstores all over the Italian territory. Since 2001, Mr Feltrinelli is President of the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, one of Europe's foremost centers for scholarly research on social, political and economic thought and history.

He is also the author of Senior Service, which has been translated and published in over 10 countries, besides Italy.

Craig Mod

Craig is a writer and designer who splits his time between Tokyo and New York. Previously a product designer at Flipboard, he is also a TechFellow award recipient and a 2011/2012 MacDowell writing fellow. He’s currently an advisor for Medium.com and the Japan based SmartNews. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, California Sunday Magazine, Aeon, Virginia Quarterly Review, New Scientist, Contents Magazine, Codex Journal of Typography and other publications. He is the co-author of Art Space Tokyo and the essay collection, Bokura no Jidai no Hon (The Books of our Generation), published in Japanese (2014) and Korean (2015) and the upcoming photography collection, Less Important Than Sensible Shoes (2016).

Gabriele Salvatores

Gabriele Salvatores was born in Naples in 1950, then moved to Milan where he graduated from the Accademia d’Arte Drammatica of the Piccolo Teatro.

In 1972 he was one of the founders of the Teatro dell’Elfo, where he directed 21 theater productions during the ‘70s and ‘80s.

In 1981 he produced a rock musical based on Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, which in 1983 was adapted into his first film.

In 1986, alongside Maurizio Totti and Diego Abatantuono, he founded the Colorado Film Production, which achieved immediate success with his second film, “Kamikazen – Ultima notte a Milano” (1987).

In 1989 he directed “Marrakech Express” and “Turné”, and then “Mediterraneo” (1991), winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film.

In 1992 “Puerto Escondido” was released, followed by “Sud” (1993), “Nirvana” (1996) and “Denti” (2000).

In 2001 he directed “Amnésia” and a year later “Io non ho paura” (I’m Not Scared), from Niccolò Ammaniti’s bestselling novel, presented at the Berlin Film Festival and nominated for an Oscar in 2004.

The same year he directed “Quo Vadis Baby?”, followed by “Come Dio comanda” (2008), again from one of Niccolò Ammaniti’s novels, and the comedy “Happy Family” (2009).

In 2010 he was a member of the jury at the 67th Venice Film Festival and presented the documentary “1960”.

n 2013 he released “Educazione siberiana”, adapted from Nicolai Lilin’s book, starring John Malkovich. The same year he also worked on the project “ITALY IN A DAY”, the first collective film shot entirely by thousands of Italian people documenting fragments of their day.

His most recent film, “The Invisible Boy”, came out in December 2014.

A.M. Homes

Amy Michael Homes was born in Washington D.C. and lives in New York. She is considered one of the most innovative American novelists. She has been the recipient of numerous literary awards and appears frequently in “Vanity Fair”, “The New Yorker”, “Granta”, “McSweeney’s”, “Art Forum” and the “New York Times”.

She is the author of the novels: This Book Will Save Your Life, Music For Torching, The End of Alice, In a Country of Mothers and Jack, as well as the short-story collections, Things You Should Know and The Safety of Objects, the best selling memoir The Mistress’s Daughter, along with a travel memoir, Los Angeles: People, Places and The Castle on the Hill, and the artist's book Appendix A.

Kei Matsushima

Kei Matsushima was born on Iki Island, Nagasaki (Japan) in 1974 and grew up in the city of Fukuoka. After graduating from medical school he worked in the university hospital’s psychiatry department. He currently lives and works as a psychiatrist in Kumamoto.He started writing in 2011. Since then, he continues to write (and to read).

Flavio VM Costa

Flávio Vinicius Moreira Costa [Flávio VM Costa] is a Brazilian writer and journalist. Born in the city of Salvador, Bahia, in 1983, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the Federal University of Bahia. In his hometown, he has worked as a reporter for the daily newspapers Correio and A Tarde, in which he has published two series of stories on corruption and misconduct in the state’s judiciary. Both of these works won the Association of Brazilian Magistrates’ (AMB) Journalism Prize. In São Paulo, where he has lived since 2011, Flávio VM Costa has worked as a reporter for Imprensa and Istoé magazines and collaborated with the press team for the Museu Afro Brasil. He has published short stories in online Brazilian literary magazines including Flaubert and Philos. Flávio VM Costa has also published his first book of fiction, the short story collection Caçada Russa & Outros Relatos (Editora Penalux, 2016). He is currently a reporter for the Brazilian news portal UOL.

Billie Phillips

Billie Phillips was born in Sydney (Australia) and grew up with her three sisters on the Northern Beaches. She is currently studying for her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English at the University of Sydney and plans to move to New York City after receiving her degree.

Maria Laura Rodriguez

María Laura Rodríguez was born in Buenos Aires in 1975. After earning her degree and Ph.D. in Literature at the University of Buenos Aires, she has worked as a teacher of literature and Spanish as a foreign language; she is also a founding member and secretary of the Argentine Association of Spanish Teachers. She works as an editor, proofreader, and writer for the United States, Mexico, Uruguay, and other Latin American countries. She lives in Montevideo.


An inspired blend of classic and elegance, giving life to irregular geometries, defines this men’s optical frame of the new Journal collection.

The disctinctive Prada logo is engraved on the side of the belleved temples.


The new Prada Journal collection showcases a women’s optical frame with a retro flair.

The classic squared design blends with the creativity of the skilfully crafted bold acetate profiles.

The front’s sharp lines and geometric details are softened by the bevelled temples adorned with a metal plaque bearing the distinctive Prada logo.


The pursuit of essentiality is stylistically translated into a classic square shape with soft, elegantlines conveying pire feminity.

The slim lines of the front, made entirely from acetate, are softened by the bevelled profiles and temples.


Staying true to the characteristique style of the Prada Journal project, this men’s optical frames takes its inspiration from a vintage style.

The panto-shaped front is revisited with a contemporary twist.

The sophisticated design of the temples is embellished with the new metal plaque bearing the engraved Prada logo.

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Conversations with shadows

Written by Kei Matsushima
Adapted by Christopher Ciancimino
Interpreted by Yoo C. Joyce, Vienna Hehir, Daniel Jeon, Kaily L.
Directed by Chiara Battistini
Produced Hi Production
Executive Producer Max Brun
Creative Agency BETC Luxe

Lieutenant Marcus

Written by Moreira Costa
Adapted by Christopher Ciancimino
Interpreted by Giovanni Calcagno, Niccolo’ Besio, Giada Laudicina
Directed by Chiara Battistini
Produced Hi Production
Executive Producer Max Brun
Creative Agency BETC Luxe

No Balm in Gilead

Written by Phillips
Adapted by Christopher Ciancimino
Interpreted by Daniel Vivian
Directed by Chiara Battistini
Produced Hi Production
Executive Producer Max Brun
Creative Agency BETC Luxe

The Hour of the Wolf

Written by Li
Adapted by Christopher Ciancimino
Interpreted by Adele Raes, Chiara Iezzi Cohen, Eva Alvarez

Directed by Chiara Battistini
Produced Hi Production
Executive Producer Max Brun
Creative Agency BETC Luxe

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